Research Interests:

I am interested in integrating experimental and computational methods to study HIV-1 capsid assembly. Specifically, I plan on studying the capsid protein (CA) using weighted ensemble simulations and NMR spectroscopy.









B.S. Chemistry (Biochemistry), University of Delaware, 2018

PhD Advisor:  Lillian T. Chong and Angela M. Gronenborn

Lab Address:






  • AT Bogetti, HE Piston, JMG Leung, CC Cabalteja, DT Yang, AJ DeGrave, KT Debiec, DS Cerutti, DA Case, WS Horne, and LT Chong. “A twist in the road less traveled: The AMBER ff15ipq-m force field for protein mimetics.” J. Chem. Phys. 2020, 153, 064101