Structure and function of transporters in neurons


The aim of my research is to elucidate the molecular function, architecture, and high-affinity drug binding sites of synaptic vesicle transporters in neurons by studying their function using biochemical techniques and determining their structures using single particle cryo-EM. I am particularly interested in understanding the conformational changes and mechanism associated with transporters. I have developed methods for large-scale expression, stabilization by drugs, and for the production of antibodies which recognize transporters. The use of transporter-antibody complexes is essential in order to provide mass and molecular features to assist in cryo-EM reconstructions because these transporters are small membrane proteins which are largely ensconced within membrane. Atomic structures of transporters in complex with therapeutic drugs are essential for the design of better small-molecule therapeutics with higher specificity and fewer side-effects and will also advance efforts toward understanding the function of these transporters.




Aarhus University, Department of Physiology
Visiting student in lab of Dr. Jens Peter Anderson, 2010 

University of British Columbia, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Ph.D. in lab of Dr. Rober Molday, 2007-2013

Postdoctoral Training

Oregon Health & Science University, Vollum Institute
Postdoctoral training in lab of Dr. Eric Gouaux, 2013-2020

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