Research Interests:

The Dahl group primarily interested in studying and understanding the mechanical properties of the nucleus and actin cytoskeleton. I use confocal and widefield fluorescence microscopy, to study biophysical characteristics of force mechanotransduction via particle tracking, immunofluorescence, and sensor FRET. Cellular forces have been identified to play critical roles in the cell life cycle, but how the cell interprets and propagates mechanical perturbation is largely unknown. Ultimately, once these methods are refined I endeavor to develop a better understanding of how force plays pivotal roles in determining cell fate.




BS Biophysics, Loyola University Chicago, December 2014

PhD Advisor: Kris Dahl

Lab Address: 

Doherty hall
5000 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15213


email:  kil23 -AT-, or  klavreny -AT-