Welcome New MBSB students, Anna Belford and Mike Dalton!


We asked their comments on who you are, what is your hobby, and what is your scientific interest. See below.


“I'm Anna, I graduated from Saint Martin's University in 2017, and have worked at the NIH as a post-bac research fellow from then until joining MBSB this year. A lot of my hobbies involve me getting outside. I particularly love snowboarding, hiking, and climbing. Scientifically I'm interested in viruses, protein structure and assembly, and macromolecular machines. There's so much to explore in these systems, and their applications to fields like therapeutics, material sciences, and synthetic biology is exciting.  I'm interested in building computational tools to further explore the many fascinating puzzles that exist in these biological systems”




"I did my undergrad at Illinois State University, and finished my masters degree at Loyola University Chicago. In my free time I like to go climbing, hiking, and just generally being outside. In the lab I am interested in studying the structure-function relationship in membrane proteins."



They will start their lab rotation soon. Welcome to Pittsburgh.