“Molecular Biophysics Data & Literature Club”

Clear and concise presentation skills are essential for the effective communication of any research results. The ability to rapidly absorb and synthestise ideas and concepts from varied disciplines are also critical for a successful career in science. Data & Literature Club has been designed to ensure that students in the MBSB Program are given ample opportunity and guidance in developing and honing these skills. Students will present either their own data with critical evaluation of the analysis methods or work performed by the MBSB seminar speakers. We also invite one MBSB faculty member to stimulate the discussion each time. To give you a flavor of this course, we share a feedback from one of participating faculty members, Prof. Marijn G. Ford in Department of Cell Biology in School of Medicine, from one class: “This was a fun and stimulating session. One student presented the paper by the seminar speaker and all others had read and sent feedback in advance of the class. As everyone was familiar with the work, we all had a good collective brainstorm on the approaches, methods, limitations and future opportunities of the work. This would be an excellent way to thoroughly and rigorously review papers.” This is an exciting course.  Thank you Prof. Ford to attend the class.

Website of Prof. Ford is; http://www.cbp.pitt.edu/faculty/ford.html